Past Events and Photo Gallery 

7 Feb 2018                   
22-25 Jan 2018
APKIC Representatives Attended FIDO Alliance 2018 Plenary Meeting
4 Oct 2017
Certizen Representatives Attended 42nd CA/B Forum Face-to-Face Meeting
25 Sep 2017
HKPKI Forum Organized "China Cross-border E-Commerce" Seminar
22 Sep 2017
22-24 Sep 2017
The 3rd China Smart City (International) Expo 2017
08 Nov 2016
香港翹晉電子商務有限公司與金聯匯通信息技術有限公司 公安部公民網絡身份服務機構簽約儀式 
08 Oct 2016
泰國副總理接見翹晉、銀鼎代表 關注eID發展
07 Oct 2016
翹晉參加泰國電子商務周 見證香港-泰國合作簽約儀式
07 Jul 2016
06 Mar 2015
Promotional Discount on Subscription Fees for e-Cert (Organisational) and e-Cert (Server)
06 Feb 2015
Launch of e-Cert (Personal) with Mutual Recognition Status and e-Cert (Organisational) with Mutual Recognition Status
17 Sep 2014
Hong Kong-China mutual recognized certificate workshop (Beijing)
15 Sep 2014
The 10th China(Nanjing) International software product and information service trade fair
21 May 2014
Public CA collaboration in Qianhai for monetary transactions
20 May 2014
The International Workshop on Interoperability Technologies in Electronic Certification
15 May 2014
Issuance of e-Cert (Personal) on Smart ID Card with 2048-bit RSA Key Length only with effect from 28 May 2014
15 Jan 2014
Certizen Ltd. sponsored APKIC International symposium
15 May 2013
Launch of enhanced e-Cert (Server) with new features - "Wildcard" & "Multi-domain"
17 Sep 2012
粵港兩地電子簽名證書互認常規化 (Ta Kung Pao News)
17 Sep 2012
推進粵港兩地電子簽名證書互認互用 (Ta Kung Pao News)
17 Sep 2012
Asia PKI Innovation Award Presentation
23 Aug 2012
Standing arrangement for Mutual Recognition of Electronic Signature Certificates Issued by Hong Kong and Guangdong announced (with photo)
20 Aug 2012
27 Apr 2012
Launch of e-Cert File USB, a New e-Cert Storage Medium, and Plan to Cease Use of Floppy Diskette as e-Cert Storage Medium
01 Mar 2012
Promotional Discount on Subscription Fee for e-Cert (Encipherment) 
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